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Saturday, December 24, 2016

2018 SF BAY STURGEON FISHING MAP AND REPORT, PUBLIC HUNTING AREAS, CLUBS - red markers on map are buoys/Navigational Aids


SF Bay Fishing Reports

December 28, 2017 - Prospects are really good for those who make their way to San Pablo Bay and the famous "sturgeon triangle." Get your live mud shrimp from Loch Lomond Live Bait in San Rafael, otherwise stick to roe and eel. The fresh water runoff has created a soupy brown quagmire which is just right for sturgeon. The crabs, sand sharks and kingfish are gone, making way for great fishing. 

Fishing Map of SF Bay

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About SF Bay Fishing

Superb Winter Fishing for Sturgeon in San Francisco and San Pablo Bay
San Pablo Bay Sturgeon Fishing:
November to May fishing occurs with best times from January to March. Hit the flats during high tide Mare Island to China Camp
South Bay, San Francisco Bay:
Decent fishing  from December through March from the San Bruno Shoals  down to Alviso Slough (South of markers 16-20 on fishing map).
Delta Area Sturgeon Fishing:
January through March  Decker Island, Sherman Island, the Antioch Bridge, False River, Frank’s Tract, San Joaquin River deep spots. north to Miles Slough at entry of Sacramento River, Cache Slough, Prospect Slough and Miner Slough. 
Sacramento River Sturgeon Fishing:
 Surgeon spawn in the winter up here and can be caught in the Princeton, Colusa and Meridian,  sections of the Lower Sacramento River

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 March. 13h 2017 Update

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